V3 Mouth Guard


Our V3 mouth guard offers superior protection and comfort for athletes of all levels. Our V3 mouth guard features a unique design that allows for maximum airflow and comfort along with the patented Vane design visible from the front.

The V3 mouth guard also features the patent-pending PSI registering technology, which allows you to pair our mobile app with the mouth guard so you can measure head impacts on-the-spot.


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Product Description

Vane mouth guards are a combination of two different types of dental quality resins resulting in advanced protection, comfort and fit. The first material (inner material) is FDA approved dental grade resin, giving the “Cushion effect”. The moldable outer layer resin section is made from softer Gel properties to cushion impact and protect teeth, gums, lips, and arches.

Vane mouth guards are designed and engineered to maintain proper jaw alignment while enhancing preventative damage to the skull. Vane mouth guards also feature moldable outer layer that enhances breathing and endurance. The inner material is a harder resin which does not cushion or cave in but allows for g-force to be dissipated over a larger area.


  • Comfortable grip, light design
  • Designed with maximum breathing capabilities during performance
  • Effectively distributes g-force upon impact, protecting the head and jaw
  • Gum shield allows compensation for any deficiencies

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